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This application can be run in full screen.It will display relevant news according to the monitored channel.Running this application requires you to login, but don't worry the app is free, takes about 10 seconds to create a username and generate a password.
By requiring a login, we are saving a lot of bandwidth.If you don't wanna create an account, that's fine with us, feel free to browse all other channels.
Real time news and trends in the busy world of Forex.Main news channels available :
Note: Although rarely, Feeds may become unavailable from time to time.This is due to the third party publisher and is something normal.
If you experience blank pages, be patient: that feed will be displayed as soon as our server re-establishes a rss connection.
Try refreshing the page.(page auto refreshes every 30 - 60 seconds.)
EURUSD News Channel
USDJPY Trading News Channel
GBP - British Pound News Channel

Dow Jones INDU - News Channel
Crude Oil Main News Channel
Grains Main News Page

Commodities News

Commodities NewsCommodities are a big chunk of US and International Markets.From oil to sugar, knowing where commodities are heading gives you a better perspective where your market might be heading. For commodity traders, Bet-Forex gives you information related to other commodities in your pool. While you may be a very active cattle trader, it is important to know why the S&P's or Interest Rates just made a big move. Commodities are strongly connected to the retail markets, giving you insight of consumer behavior - a very sensitive and important dimension of the economy. LAUNCH THE CHANNEL

Banking News

Banking newsNobody loves banking sector more than us. It is our opinion that everyone is connected to the banking sector. Either you just hold a checking account or thousands of shares of the prime banks stock, we are all looking in the same direction: to see how banking sector is doing. This has critical importance to your trading decisions.It also provides a great long term insight of the markets. In banking sector, news are striking every minute and spotting that particular piece of news that made the difference is what actually differentiates winers and losers.

International Markets

We are all a big family. We truly are. Even we like it or not, we are now all on the same train. You might be trading with a Chinese company, a French guy in his sleepers or a hot Brasilian model who just happened to be at the other end of your order. What we do here sends waves into the world and what the world does sends waves in here. From social to political and ultimately financial news all this chatter finds a way to be priced in..and when the boat gets rocked, hang on !..some of us will ride the waves and some will just need life jackets.

International markets are hard to read. Most of the news are relying on local media which can impose a language barrier.(You know, not everybody speaks English.:).) But is important to monitor at least some regional channels to pick up a piece of news that might be the beginning of a huge wave. It happened so with Bank of Ireland, Greece, Spain and history is full of examples. Had you known Greece is on the bridge of collapse, wound't you be throwing all your European assets and especially the currency and made a mega profit on it!?

Bet-forex is trying to provide relevant regional channels. Any suggestion is welcomed especially for the countries we know just a little.

Stock Market News

Stock NewsTake advantage of news gathering engine for relevant stock market information.These channels have been preselected and fine tuned by Bet-Forex so that their output is relevant to the trader. Check the latest news that just moved the market or pick up fundamental trading information. There is only one enemy to information and that is too much information.By reading, you are one step closer on filtering unwanted information. LAUNCH THE CHANNEL

FX (Forex) News

Forex NewsIt all boils down to this. FX Market is the biggest, the brightest and nobody can ever take that away. Because, currencies are being exchanged is is ultimately the most liquid market on this blue planet. FX Markets are responsible for those huge macro adjustments, trends and directions. Read the FX news and you will definitely know where we are heading. Because of the large participation and it's international status quo, FX Markets cannot be manipulated nor influenced.(as far as we know). It will take hundreds of billion of dollars to move a market of many trillion dollars. It is wild and "ain't pretty" but FX trading and FX news hold a special place in any traders portfolio or watch list. LAUNCH THE CHANNEL

Live News

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By collecting news and market data, Bet-Forex becomes you ally in your quest of keeping information under control. While specific markets have specific news channels and react differently to the latest information, reading news and blogs on keeps you in the loop.